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I’m becoming a Certified Crystal Healer

June 11, 2014

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I don’t know if I’d use the official Ashley Alexis McFarlane, CCH after my name. Lol. Though it would be tempting. But I’m starting a course in crystal healing and I’m so happy I just needed to post. You may have noticed my recent posts on crystals and gemstones related to arkilogika, but I’ve been in love with crystals since I was in high school. Metaphysical and crystal shops were my favourite hangout spot. As a Reiki practitioner, and soon to be counsellor/psychotherapist, I’m very interested in using energy to heal.

After attending a recent conference at OISE on Black Psychotherapy, this interest went deeper into understanding how to utilize energy healing and more hollistic healing in general as it relates to Euro-Western/ North American mental health. A speaker said one way to do so was to incorporate language and spirituality. I think it would be tough to do this when working with diverse clients, especially the spiritual part. But of all the alt healing practices I think would lend it self very well to doing so, I think crystals is one of them. Crystals have been used to heal across many cultures, and their energy is universal.

I’ll be receiving my certification after 200hr of study through Peaceful Mind, and the National Association for Hollistic Wellness. Can’t wait.

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